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QALIA’s Essentials framework for Luxury Rental Brands

As the entry level of our certification, this framework provides a solid foundation for luxury rental brands to implement sustainable and ethical tourism practices into their operations. The criteria focus on the guest experience and ensure that properties are meeting the evolving expectations of conscious travelers.

We are aware that many properties may have already implemented some of the criteria as part of their operating processes to maintain excellence in their hospitality values. However, our team will work with each property individually to determine which criteria have been met, which are not yet available or feasible within the destination, and jointly create a plan to implement the remaining criteria with an achievable timeline. There is little to no capital investment to implement the criteria.

The framework consists of 37 criteria, all of which are designed to promote sustainable practices in luxury tourism. In order to demonstrate leadership in sustainable and ethical tourism practices, properties must meet all of the 37 criteria to receive the certification. To ensure compliance, evidence such as documents, videos, and images must be submitted through our secure online platform. We take the confidentiality of all information provided very seriously.

NB: we use « luxury rental brand » as a generic term for high standard and exclusive stand alone properties which would include chalets, villas, lodges, private islands, castles. Eligible properties provide intimate setting in its location and surroundings, elegant design features and state-of-the-art amenities, refined and arty interiors, and an outstanding hospitality experience to discerning travelers.

Reference Category
1 LED lighting makes up for 100% of the property’s lighting
2 Property uses a sustainable email marketing software (ie ecosend.io, dotdigital.com)
3 Property uses eco-friendly web hosting (verify with thegreenwebfoundation.org)
4 Property uses refillable bulk dispenser for the bathroom amenities (replacing single-use plastic containers)
5 Water for Guests is in glass bottles or via drinking water dispenser (replacing single-use plastic bottles)
6 If provided, the property has reusable plastic/acrylic cups (replacing single-use platics glasses) for outdoor use
7 Property uses organic straws & strirrers (replacing single-use plastic ones)
8 Laundry bags are made of re-usable or recycled material (replacing single-use plastic bags)
9 Property provides resuable shopping and grocery bags
10 Property has a recycling plan in place for at least four waste types (glass, paper, plastic, organic)
11 When regular cleaning/towel change service is provided, a towel re-use program is available to guests
12 When regular cleaning/linen change service is provided, Guests are offered the option of a less frequent linen change
13 In-house vegetarian and/or vegan menu options are offered or guests are recommended a list of vegetarian restaurants
14 Plants in pots are used for decoration (replacing cut and/or plastic flowers & plants)
15 When cooking services or a pre-stocking list are provided, at least 80% of the food ingredients offered by the property is organic and/or home made and/or locally sourced (country-based accepted) or guests are recommended a list of organic shops / restaurants and local producers
16 When available, at normal occupancy, property offers "À La Carte" meals (replacing buffet style) to avoid food waste
17 Property is using 100% natural and/or eco-friendly cleaning products, DIY a plus
18 Coffee, Tea and chocolate suppliers are fair trade or locally produced (depending on destinations)
19 Wild (non-domesticated) animals are not displayed/interacted with or captive on the property or consumed, or sold
20 Garden refuses are used as compost (or at least not burned)
21 Property features charity project(s) on its website to raise awareness supporting charities for the under-privileged locally, regionally or worldwide
22 Property doesn't promote any tour or activity involving the use of animals (elephant riding, birds / tiger / snake / water animals shows, ...)
23 When available, property clearly identifies and primarily promotes eco-friendly activities in the destination
24 Property offers bicycle rental (outsourcing possible) or electric bicycle charging stations
25 Guests are offered sustainable tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses
26 Property provides guests with information regarding visitors' etiquette
27 Property communicates its sustainability practices, actions and performance to all stakeholders and seeks to engage their support (ie its website and/or a digital welcome book)
28 Property practices wage parity and offers higher than average salaries and benefits to its employee
29 Property measures and reports resources/energy consumption (templates provided)
30 Property has a clear policy and communication or raises awareness on sex trade and human traficking (cf https://thecode.org/about/), membership not required
31 At least 80% of the food products offered during events is organic and/or home made and/or sourced locally (country-source accepted)
32 Tables and settings decoration are from sustainable sources
33 Property has a communication plan for employee and guests on how to deal with food leftovers from buffet-style events to avoid wastage
34 Property or event planner excludes the promotion of any entertainment involving the use of animals
35 Property or event planner uses re-usable cutlery, dishes and glasses/mugs (replacing single use)
36 Property offers wellness and mindfulness activities to guests (in or out of property)
37 Property offers yoga matts and meditation cushions/area and/or fitness equipment to guests
QALIA Framework V1.2, April 2023